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hands stretched together

Jule Ward Writes is first and foremost a commitment to human connection. The contemporary website is a reiteration of an ancient practice. It connects us to one another through the written word.

This blog, “JuleWardWrites” continues my writer’s journey, my quest to understand the importance of love and commitment for human survival.   In these pages, I reach out to you. I hope you grasp my virtual hand. Together we can strengthen the human bond.

There are three central features of this website, an ongoing blog, samples of my ongoing writing projects, and fill-in exercises for committed couples.  I invite you to try them all.

Blog: Learning Love’s Lessons: 

A theme-based set of reflection on Love Lessons Learned through my own committed relationships

Stories that Chose Me:

This is a tastings page – a selection of my writing, which I am hopeful you will both read and respond to.  The offerings will change from month to month.

third-grade adventures

Learn how a group of ordinary elementary students cope when life dishes up some of today’s thornier problems – chronic illness, bullying, divorce, and diversity. Share these stories with a child in your life.

As of August 19, 2020, two new short stories on this page.  Check them out: https://julewardwrites.com/radicalpromises-2/stories-that-chose-me/subscriber-short-stories-2

stranded on mount hood

Another collection brings together a group of travelers. The characters, based on my friends, imagines them stranded on Mt. Hood by an avalanche and forced to entertain one another with outrageous tales – a riff on Chaucer.

Long-Form Narrative:

Finally, I’ll share segments from long-form work that I’m doing, beginning with the Prologue to the memoir I’ve managed to find the courage to begin.

For Better Rather Than for Worse

The last page on the site invites readers to share quality time with their committed partner just for the fun of it.

I created these exercises from those I used for my college courses, “Love and Committed Relationships” and “Contemporary Moral Issues: Marriage and Family Life.” They also draw from my experience as a volunteer pre-marital advisor.

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