Angelford Elementary

Do it yourself fort

Viviana: The Trouble with Boy “Friends”

Kyle has always been Viviana’s best friend, but suddenly he not only won’t play with her, he makes fun of her and runs away from her. What is wrong? Who can she ask? Not her mom who is Kyle’s mom’s best friend. Then at Thanksgiving, she finds someone to ask, but the answer isn’t one she wants to hear.

a person in a pink long sleeves and blue apron wearing a pink gloves near a table

Lucas: Dad’s Apron

Lucas’s mom resumes her practice as a pediatrician and his dad takes over at home. This isn’t the change Lucas was hoping for. He wanted a dog. And the new regime doesn’t go so well.

young ballerinas sitting on ground

Ruby: Rules Have Reasons

Ruby worked hard for three years to join the ballet studio’s end-of-the-year performance. Will she ruin it with one mistake?

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Dylan: Everybody’s Special

Part 3, “Nothing Is That Easy” & Part 4, “Nobody’s Normal”

Dylan is called to the pastor’s office after taunting his brother at Sunday School. He thinks he’s in trouble, but he’s in for a much bigger revelation.

teacher looking at his students

Dylan: Everybody’s Special

Part 1, “What’s So Special about Special?” & Part 2, “What If Things Were Different?”

Grown-ups think Dylan’s big brother Nick is special just because he struggles with learning challenges. Why can’t they see that Dylan is special too?

Boy and baby lying on blanket

Harley: Baby Sisters Stink, Part 2, Harley Finds a Way

Harley’s baby sister is making the whole household frantic with worry. Harley has to do something. Can an eight-year-old solve the problem? Read and see.

Harley: Baby Sisters Stink, Part I

Everybody thinks that Harley should love his new baby sister. But he wonders why his parents had to go and bring a baby home and wreck their lives. If he could, he’d move somewhere else.

Girla and boy facing on sculpture

Becky: Not Half of Anything

When Becky starts third grade at her new school, Angelford Elementary, it is the first time she is not in a class with her twin brother. See what happens when she decides to keep his existence a secret.

Back to School

Gabe, the Transfer Student

Gabe’s dad transfers Gabe and his older brother to a new school. Gabe hates the new school and misses his friends. Can he talk his dad into letting him go back to his old school? Or is it possible he could fit in at Angelford Elementary?

Kindergarten girl

Rachel and the Kindergarten Buddy, Part Two

Does Rachel find a way to connect with Sally? Keep reading.

Being a kindergartener’s big buddy is proving more difficult and complex than Rachel thought it would be. In fact, her little buddy Sally is just plain awful. Should she ask for a new buddy?

Rachel and the Kindergarten Buddy, Part One

Here’s the first of a series of stories about a group of Portland school children. In the stories, children face the everyday challenges that confront many grade-schoolers throughout the United States today.

In this first story, Rachel dreams of how wonderful it will be to be the big buddy of a new kindergarten student. And then she meets her buddy and her dreams go up in smoke.