No I Haven’t Given Up Blogging

Simply Took a Technical Break

It has been most gratifying that many friends and family members asked me, “Why aren’t you blogging anymore? I really liked your stories.”

So, I happily announce that I never intended to disappear from cyberspace for quite such a prolonged period of time.  I simply wanted to hone up on my creative technical skills to bring you a livelier experience.

Rainbow over Waverly

And … the learning curve has arced much higher and farther than I expected.

The good news is I’ve developed some new exciting goals and renamed my new website with the intention of offering a more “hybrid” experience to my faithful readers.  I’ll continue to blog about “Love’s Life Lessons,” but will also be offering permanent links to my other creative writing efforts.

The new site will offer links to short stories, chapters of novels I’m working on, and short-short relationship guides.

The most significant new focus of the site will be building community among the readers through online group programs and live interactive discussions about love and committed relationships of all kinds.

So stay tuned, the best is yet to come.

Much love,


I’m back! Check it out.

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