For Better NOT Worse – Fun Fill-ins for Couples

Cupid and Psyche

Sexual Empowerment: The Language of the Body

Wondering what you can do to spice up your sex life? Talk about it. You cannot get what you don’t ask for. The better you know each other, the more you can love one another, and the more you’ll find ways to physically show that love.

Expressing Affection

There are hundreds of ways to say, “I Love You.” Try this exercise and surprise yourself and your partner by expressing affection in ways you may not have tried before.

Couple holding tightly and tensely

De-Mystifying Date Night

Does “Date-Night” sound like a fairy tale?  It needn’t be.  You can make your own happy endings.  Try this exercise.

Couple at bonfire

Intentionally Energize Your Relationship

Does it seem like your relationship is running on empty? Try this exercise to fuel up together.

Program Your Marriage GPS

Feeling like your relationship has taken a wrong turn? You can set a more certain course.

What’s Your Recipe for Love?