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Now available on this page  — two new short stories featuring grade school protagonists:  the end of “Rachel and the Kindergarten Buddy,” and “Gabe, The Transfer Student.”


Rachel and the Kindergarten Buddy, Part II

Does Rachel find a way to connect with Sally? Keep reading.

At long last the conclusion to Rachel and Sally’s Story. Let me know if it ended how you thought it would. What did you like or dislike about the ending?

Kindergarten girl
Photo by Adam W

Gabe, The Transfer Student

To thank my readers for patiently waiting for this page of the website to get going, here’s a new short story – not just a part of one, but the whole thing.

Back to School
Photo by Deleece Cook

Rachel and the Kindergarten Buddy, Part 1

Here’s the first of the stories about those Portland school children. In it, Rachel dreams of how wonderful it will be to be the big buddy of a new kindergarten student. And then she meets her buddy and her dreams go up in smoke.

Photo by Mike Fox


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